This is a course which teaches you how to stay calm in extreme conditions and with minimum of equipment, how to solve crisis situations and always find a way to rescue. We will teach you the most important thing: TO SURVIVE!

Course price: 190 €/person
Course price includes: 2x accommodation, 6x catering, wellness, professional instructor

Course duration: 3 days (2 nights)
Beginning of the course at 6pm
End of the course at 1pm

Additional activities to order:
- Shooting from airsoft weapon 40 €, price includes borrowing weapon + 2500 bullets and various targets
- Evening performance of master of martial arts – piercing techniques, burning piercing 300 €

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Description of course

We will show and teach you:

  • strategy and psychology of survival
  • orientation in mountains: topography (map reading), direction identification by technical resources, according to natural elements: moon, stars
  • obtaining potable water, obtaining food from available natural resources (hunting, traps)
  • several ways of establishing fire
  • preparation of shelter – camp: food preparation, acquisition and production of tools, clothing and ropes, tying knots
  • health science: first aid procedures, the risk of hot and cold environment, medicinal plants and their application
  • how to make and use the right emergency weaponssignaling - how to attract attention
  • overcoming natural obstacles, rivers, waterfalls, rocky terrain, liquid mud, ice ...
  • use everything available around to your advantage
  • basic division of medicinal plants

Contents of the Course

We will teach you to survive in extreme conditions and with minimum of equipment, how to solve crisis situations and always find a way to rescue. The essence of survival is to know how to take advantage from situations and how to use natural resources.

The word “survive” we can define with several terms. But the essence stays the same. To stay alive, not to panic, think and fight till the end. We see trainings and preparation of Special Forces and pilots in documentary movies. They are a part of their service in the armed forces. Training is a drill! Training is something which prepares you for dangers that may wait everywhere (tourism, accident, sport…). We will teach you how to work both individually and in a team, to be strong and ready for everything. Survival in nature with a goal of education and cooperation is something which makes from your team a machine which has no limitations. That´s something we want to achieve with you.

We focus on the highest possible level of safety during the course.

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