Special Course Humit Defense Training Camp (HDTC)

It is an attractive outdoor teambuilding (camp) which teaches your employees new things and offers them an extraordinary adrenalin experience.

Course price: 170-240 €/person
Course price includes: 2x accommodation, 6x catering, wellness, professional instructor
Course duration: 3 days (2 nights)
Beginning of the course: 6pm
End of the course: 1pm

Additional activities (upon request):
- Shooting from airsoft weapon 40 €, price includes borrowing weapon + 2500 bullets and various targets
- Evening performance of master of martial arts – piercing techniques, burning piercing 300 €

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Description of the course

Self-defense, topography, basics of surviving in nature, basic military tactic, development of physical abilities, tactics and shooting from hand guns.

HDTC is for companies as a suitable complement of events, for business partners or their employees. It can be also for groups that wish to forget about worries and today's bustle of daily life. HDTC is also for airsoft and paintball team trainings, to get experience and knowledge to improve tactic and fight knowledge.

Contents of the course

1. HDTC 1 – it is an entrance general camp focused on obtaining general abilities, such as :

  • self-defense
  • topography
  • basics of survival in nature
  • basic military tactics
  • development of physical abilities
  • tactic of shooting from hand guns

2. HDTC 2 – it is a specialized camp focused on usage of experience obtained in HDTC1, where it is needed to fulfill special task of mission

  • topography more closely focused on orientation in terrain according to natural elements
  • specific techniques of self-defense
  • special self-defense course for women
  • shooting: development and training of instinctive shooting, parcour, shooting in not traditional positions and situations (from water, in tow on a rope, from a moving car, motorbike etc.)
  • radio communications, hand signals

We focus on the highest possible level of safety during the course.

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