Bike Routes in Terchova and Surroundings

We prepared Bike Routes for those of you, who like to enjoy the country from your bike's seat.

Bike Routes

1. Bike Route Marunovci-Šmehylovia-Vojenné

2. Bike Route Kačerovci-Koštúrovia-Nová Bystrica

3. Bike Route Marunovia-Priehrada-Vojenné

4. Bike Route Okolo priehrady

5. Bike Route Na Rovnú Horu po plyne

6. Bike Route Do Rogoňa cez Zázrivú

7. Bike Route Smrekovci-Zázrivá-Šmehylovci

8. Bike Route Lutiše-Koštúrovci-Kačerovci

9. Bike Route Mravečník, Vojenné


Additional Information to Bike Routes

  • bike routes in beatiful surroundings of Terchova and Kysucka vrchovina
  • bike routes with different difficulty levels
  • bike routes both for mountain and treking bikes (for treking bikes only in dry weather)
  • bike routes on both paved and unpaved routes
  • bike routes on both marked and non-marked paths
  • turns are not always obvious, we recommend to use GPS and trekking maps Mala Fatra nr.8 or č.110 and a map Kysucke Beskydy nr.101, a compass would be also usefull,
  • with every bike route you find included a file with the track, which you can upload to your GPS device


  • get prepared for every bike route in advance,
  • don't overestimate your skills, even if the bike route is not too long, in bad weather and difficult terain the track may take twice much time to complete!!!
  • consider, if the difficulty level of the track matches your skills and bike type, consider the elevation level and if you plan to go alone, inform others about your planned trip


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